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Mark spent much of his early life immersed in music.  He took solace in music where it became a refuge and a comfort through trying times.  He is a self-taught piano player and drummer and always had a clear vision for how things could sound.  Because of this he left a well paid, stable job to attend a music production program at Fanshawe College, where he obtained his diploma in Recorded Music Production. 

Mark never pursued his dream of a career in music and his life went on a very different, dark path that veered far away from music. 

Surprisingly, 15 years later, his perception of reality changed dramatically, the darkness lifted and life again included music.  An opportunity developed soon after where Mark could revisit the dream of his youth but this time in harmony with a newly found faith in Jesus Christ.  This led to the creation of Straight Path Studio.


"There is not much that is important in life.  Really, as I see it, the only purpose in life is to serve God and help others.  God provides joy and peace through grace that is sufficient for a fulfilled life.  Music has a special part of life when it is done not only as entertainment or an expression of art but also as an expression of worship of our creator or as ministry to others.  Through music people can praise their creator like no other way.  Music can also comfort and minister to our souls.  It is my hope that people who want to create music in this way will come to Straight Path Studio and permit me to enter into the process and help facilitate the sharing for others."    

"Those without faith are also welcome however it will always be my hope that through their experience at Straight Path Studio they will experience something that will direct them to our one true Creator."

Mark Lagerquist 


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