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Straight Path Studio offers professional-grade recording and production services. Visual ministrations are also provided.





The recording experience at Straight path studio is intended to  be a relaxing and thoroughly enjoyable experience .  We provide a large, bright and clean main room equipped with an excellent sounding Yamaha C3 grand piano a dedicated drum room that also does a an excellent job of recording acoustic guitar and a vocal booth that captures your vocal tracks without room colouration.

Our studio is equipped to record bands or ensembles live off the floor up to a maximum of 24 tracks and separate headphone mixes or small singer songwriter sessions.  Our recording  philosophy at Straight Path Studio is to capture the performance in the purest way possible having the most direct signal path employing high quality microphones such as the AKG C414, Austen Spirit, Sure Sm7, Beyerdynamic M88TG Rode NT2 and many others.

Having recorded acoustic drums on a recording can really bring a professional sound to your recording and is part of our philosophy of authenticity in recorded instruments.  We provide an excellent sounding Gretsch Catalina Birch with a variety of top cymbals from Paste, Sabian and Zildgian.  We use a drum mic set-up that includes beyerynamic, audix, and sure mics.

Recording is done "in the box" through the excellent Universal Audio interfaces utilizing unison technology that emulates world class Neve, SSL and API consoles used in the best studios.


For those who prefer to record their tracks at home or at another facility we can mix your tracks utilizing over 50 plugins from Universal Audio, Waves, Plugin Alliance and others.  Mixing at Straight Path Studio means adding world class effects, automation and eq to your recordings. 


Let Straight Path Studio help add the finishing touches to your recordings and prepare them for radio, streaming  services such as Spotify, Soundcloud or Apple Music or CD.  Utilizing an array of mastering plug-ins, Outboard gear such as Dangerous Music and Solid State Logic, and an excellent monitoring system we can help balance any mix. 

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This page is still being updated. Contact us for more information.

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