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Musical Notes

Theory Lessons


Theory lessons are taught in a relaxed and safe environment where the students comfort and creativity are promoted.



We believe that our students should enjoy learning music, and we have our teaching style fitted accordingly. This is very important to help them continue to want to learn and study music in the future. The teaching at Straight Path Studio is calm and welcoming, offering constructive criticism to ensure our students grow without being discouraged. Oliver Lagerquist is our theory teacher; read about his experience here. He teaches theory for beginners, as well as intermediate to more advanced theory. however, 13 is the maximum age accepted for theory lessons. Our teaching method includes subjects such as music notation, time signatures, chords and harmony, and more. Contact us for more information

COVID Precautions

Due to the coronavirus situation, we have altered our teaching to adhere to Public Health guidelines. Contact us for more information on our precautions and for information on options for keeping safe during theory lessons.



The standard cost for music lessons at Straight Path Studio is $20 for 30 minutes. We offer a free first lesson to try it out and see if this is the right fit for you. Books may be recommended to be purchased to aid the student in success.

This page is still being updated. Contact us for more information.

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